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EEG-Biofeedback part I

The EEG-biofeedback method is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, it is not always used and understood properly. We created this course for people who want to include this method in their therapeutic workshop. During the training, participants will learn both the substantive basics of using the method and learn how to use them in practice. The latest research on effectiveness of the biofeedback method will be presented. Workshops will allow for the practical use of current knowledge to work with the patient/client. Participants will also learn about the limitations of this method and the directions of the neurotherapy development.

After completing the training, participant:

Maximum number of participants: 18

Number of teaching hours: 20 + 5 hours of reading

Training dates: to be determined

The training can be delivered anywhere in the EU, also for smaller groups. In order to schedule the date, price and place – please contact us.

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