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Sharp focus of attention is the “golden gate” to effective understanding and remembering of everything we learn. Unfortunately, nowadays, children, adolescents and adults seem to lose the ability to focus on the text being read or the message being heard for more than a few seconds.

Interestingly, scientific knowledge about how the brain functions and about the mechanisms of memory and attention is growing. At the same time, more and more people are unable to use these functions to learn effectively. As researchers of cognitive processes and enthusiasts of building bridges between science and practice, we have prepared this training to popularize reliable and up-to-date knowledge of the brain and cognitive training, to (1) provide psychologists, educators, teachers and parents with tools to train memory and concentration of attention in their pupils and (2) teach people who want to improve these functions at home to use this knowledge and tools.

After completing the training you will:

Maximum number of participants: 24

Number of teaching hours: 10

Training dates: to be determined

The training can be delivered anywhere in the EU, also for smaller groups. In order to schedule the date, price and place – please contact us.

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