EEG-Biofeedback part II

Second degree EEG-biofeedback is the extension and deepening of knowledge about neurobiofeedback therapy / training that participants have after completing the first degree training. The content of this training complements the neurotherapist’s workshop, incl. o the basics of QEEG diagnosis, the use of specific therapeutic protocols depending on the different needs of patients / clients, improving the practical skills of conducting EEG-biofeedback therapy / training.

After completing the training you will:

Maximum number of participants: 18

Number of teaching hours: 20 + 5 hours of reading

Training dates: to be determined

The training can be delivered anywhere in the EU, also for smaller groups. In order to schedule the date, price and place – please contact us.

Stationary course

to be determined

Online course

2000 zł/person

Course programe

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